How to secure a debt free college degree?

How to Secure a Debt Free College Degree

How to Secure a Debt Free College Degree?

How to secure a debt free college degree you ask? College is expensive and private colleges are approaching $80,000 per year. However, leaving college with the equivalent of a mid size mortgage is avoidable. Many of our clients ask how to secure a debt free college degree. Going to college opens many doors and increases the potential for upward mobility.

Start saving and investing early

Tip 1, start saving and investing for college early. Setting aside as little as $25 per month when your child is born will go a long way. At $25 per month and a conservative return of 5% per year and 2% inflation cost per year you will be able to pay $87,000 towards a college education. For parents, leverage cash rewards credit cards to contribute to your child’s college fund.

Show me the money!

Tip 2, apply for as many grants and scholarships as possible. Every year millions of dollars in grants and scholarships go unclaimed. Furthermore, apply for financial aid early and often. Free money is available, you just have to find it.

Work for the government or volunteer for the military

Tip 3, serve the country, work in government. Military service men and women receive approximately 36 months of in state and some private college paid for. Also do research on the ROTC program.

Teachers at public schools or employees of federal government agencies receive student loan forgiveness after 10 years of service. However, this option will leave you with debt upon graduation.

Work for the school and work during school

Tip 4, work for the school. As a school employee you are eligible for reduced and or free tuition. Use it to your advantage. However, the competition is tough for those jobs and the pay is not great but the free education can leave you with a college degree and debt free.

Having a side job or jobs and some side business or businesses can also allow you to secure a debt free college degree. Furthermore, you might invent the next big thing and never graduate.

Do a little of everything

For best results on how to secure a debt free college degree combine a mixture of all the above tips. Parents start by saving and investing towards college for your children when possible. A 2 year degree at a community college will save a ton of money vs 2 years at a private college. Many states are now offering 100% free college education. Search your states website for more information.

Apply for grants, scholarships, financial aid every year and crowdfund for books, meals and other expenses. Furthermore, do your part by working while you study and or serve the country to secure a debt free college degree. All of these tips will also go a long way to securing a debt free college degree.

How to Secure a Debt Free College Degree?

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