Mission Statement

mission statement

Mission Statement

Mission statement fails to capture what we do and why we do it. However, having a mission statement guides us to our ultimate purpose which is to improve the financial lives of our community. It also allows the outside world have a general understanding of what we do.

The simple version of what we do at: Budgetbuildbuy.com and Midineroapp.com (Spanish);

We bring budgeting, home ownership and investing to communities previously excluded. We are passionate about helping our communities set and reach all of their financial goals.


We teach our community how to budget, build income and how to build savings.

Home ownership

We teach our community how to build credit, how to buy a home (in 12-24 months) and how to eventually invest in real estate.


We teach our community the basics of investing to complex trading strategies and the different investment vehicles available to them. We teach our community the benefits of entrepreneurship and how to have success as a business owner.

Our resources create a blueprint for building generational wealth, by better understanding insurance, taxes, credit and what it means to leave a lasting legacy.

Mission statement

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