Stop wasting time and start building wealth

Stop wasting time and start building wealth

Stop wasting time and start building wealth

Stop wasting time and start building wealth. From an early age we are forced to spend hours in school learning. Learning is a prerequisite to future financial success. However, the learning is actually programming for trading time for dollars. Stop wasting time and start building wealth. Working alone will not build wealth. In this post we will discuss the 4 tools which will help you build generational wealth.  

Spend money on things which make money

Wealth is built by investing in assets and activities which produce. Some things we buy will never produce income or future wealth. Some of those items are possessions or activities which cost a lot of money but do not build any real wealth. Spend your money wisely. Ask yourself, will this purchase help or hurt my pursuit of wealth? Food, clothing and shelter are priorities. However, a luxury vacation is not unless your finances are in order.   

Spend more time learning less time on Netflix

Netflix has amazing movies and tv shows. However, being up to date on the latest show will not help you build wealth. Stop wasting time and start building wealth by learning and implementing wealth building strategies. Find a passion and turn it into a business. Maximize your free time and learn new marketable skills. 

Invest in a wide variety of assets

Having all of your eggs in one basket can be dangerous. Investing in multiple streams of income will help cushion you against one or more of your streams drying up. A variety of income streams will also allow your wealth to grow at a substantially faster pace than having a single stream of income. The moment my wife started to build her additional streams of income our finances greatly improved. Multiple incomes in a single home is fundamental to building wealth.  

Some assets worth investing in are stocks, real estate and multiple cash flow producing businesses.

Keep your options open

Don’t close doors, or fail to explore alternative business opportunities. By keeping your mind, eyes and ears open you won’t have to worry about losing opportunities or missing out on the new thing or being late to the party. Stay connected with everyone. You never know when a great tip or perspective will come along and change your life. If not for my connections I would not be here today. My success was driven by my smarts, hardwork and discipline. But also my many connections.  

We teach our community the basics of investing, to complex trading strategies and the different investment vehicles available to them. We teach our community the benefits of entrepreneurship and how to have success as a business owner. 

Our resources create a blueprint for building generational wealth, by better understanding; insurance, taxes, credit and what it means to leave a lasting legacy.

Stop wasting time and start building wealth

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