Telling Your Friends You Will Not Spend Money

Telling your friends you will not spend money

Telling your friends you will not spend money

Telling your friends you will not spend money. Humans are social people. We enjoy having a good time and doing stuff. And doing stuff usually comes with a price tag. Friends and family usually want you to do stuff with them. But sometimes we are not in a strong enough place financially to do stuff. We have a budget for stuff but our friends or families budget for stuff is far greater. What do we do? Telling your friends you will not spend money is crucial for your financial success. But how do we tell them no without hurting their feelings? 

Be honest

It’s never easy to tell your friends and family no to fun activities due to your lack of finances. However, spending money you don’t have will leave you drowning in debt and far removed from achieving your financial and life goals. Being honest with your friends and family will initially feel like a cry for help. But it will also allow you to take a huge weight off of your shoulders.

A weight of trying to show to the world you are ok. It’s ok not to be ok. Budget Build Buy resources will make it ok but it takes work. Share your goals with your friends and family. Tell them and detail to them what you are working towards and why. Your friends will appreciate your honesty and support you even more.   

Set limits

If you do decide to do stuff make sure you stay within your budget. Don’t allow pressure from others to spend on things you can’t afford just to keep up with appearances. If your budget is dinner and a movie. Stick to a dinner which fits your budget. Trust me you won’t enjoy that expensive meal when you’re struggling to pay your bills and months later are still paying for a night out. 

Suggest budget friendly alternatives

When my budget did not allow me to do certain things I would suggest alternatives which fit my budget. Instead of going to Buffalo Wild Wings I would make wings at home and my friends would bring drinks and we would have a great time at home within my budget. However, don’t be the person always recommending the cheap or free thing to do. Just say no. It’s ok. After you build wealth you will have plenty of time and money to enjoy doing stuff. Stuff you never imagined existed.   

Telling your friends you will not spend money won’t be easy the first time. Or the second time. However, your financial goals are your financial goals. You should not live for your friends or even your family. 

Think before saying yes

I try to sleep on any decision I need to make which requires money or time. You don’t want to make decisions without weighing all of the consequences of that decision. Initially every decision seems like a yes. But after thinking about it or sleeping on it you might come to another conclusion. 

When I receive a larger then expected bonus or cash payment I wasnt expecting I leave it in my savings account for 30 days before doing anything with it. For more tips on telling your friends you will not spend money or creative ways to do stuff and still save money join the Budget Build Buy tribe by clicking this link.

Telling your friends you will not spend money

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