Train Yourself to Stop Mindless Spending

train yourself to stop mindless spending

Train Yourself to Stop Mindless Spending

Train yourself to stop mindless spending and build the life you always wanted. Having nice things is great. A beautiful car, a nice home and great furniture to go with it all. However, all of those things cost money and if your finances are not in top shape purchasing any of those items will destroy you financially. For some people not spending is easy. For the rest of us it takes planning, discipline and time.

Plan your shopping

Before going to the grocery store make a list of the things you need. Needs vs wants was discussed some time ago. Train yourself to only purchase things you need and stay within a Budget. When we create our grocery list we plan it around the meals we are going to make for the coming days or weeks. Stay away from the flashy item strategically placed in the store ready for you to buy. Train yourself to shop this way online, for clothing and for other needs. Trust me once you master this first step you will start to see more buying in your account and you will have a better handle on your finances.

Look for anything that is free99

I love anything free and I do my best to give as much as I receive. Look for free concerts and free local activities for your family. If you are struggling financially look for assistance at your local food pantry. Don’t waste anything! Nothing in our home is ever wasted.

Avoid temptation

When our finances were not where we wanted them to be we decided to avoid certain temptations. I love to eat and drink and socialize with friends and family. However, eating out and drinking out can destroy a budget. When you have big goals those are the things you want to avoid. To avoid the temptation of mindless spending I stopped going out after work. I would go straight home and eat dinner at home with my family each night. To avoid mindless spending in the office I pack my lunch and that allows me to save money on costly, unhealthy lunch options.

What are some of the temptations you have to avoid? For my wife going to the mall was a temptation so she stopped going to the mall. Not easy but the long term benefits add up.

Train Yourself to Stop Mindless Spending

Like Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt training for the Olympics you have to also train yourself to stop mindless spending. The ultimate goal is to build wealth and live a successful financial life. Use the above tips – practice and training does not make it perfect but it can make it permanent. Expect at least 3-6 months of hard work and focus to build the muscle memory.

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Train Yourself to Stop Mindless Spending

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