Top Tips on How to Live Your Best Life

top tips on how to live your best life

Top tips on how to live your best life

Today I want to share my top tips on how to live your best life. This is a common question amongst our new tribe members. But first what is not living your best life? Not living your best life is lying about the life you currently have. I witnessed this a lot. 

Where you came from

Our journeys are as unique as our individual personalities. Our backgrounds and experiences also play a major role in where we are in life. 

Truth be told, some people were given a headstart and a foundation to build wealth. Others like me and others which look like me were given less and at times placed in a negative starting position. The fastest man on earth would come in last place to a non athlete if the non athlete was placed on the 99th meter in a 100 meter race. 

Where are you now?

We can’t deny where we came from and we should not deny where we are in life. Denying where we are will put us in a worse position then where we need to be. Living beyond our means will only place us in an endless cycle of bad debt and bad financial decisions.

I’ve personally witnessed individuals deny their financial circumstances long after being discovered to be completely broke. Being financially broke is usually temporary. Many successful entrepreneurs were financially broke at one point or another. However, they were never mentally broke. Being mentally and emotionally broke is like having a disease inside of you.

Where are you going?

Regardless of where you started you are here today. Today your life and your journey will change for the better.

Now let’s start the process of living your best life. Start by being honest with yourself. Feel comfortable saying no. Accept that you are working towards your goals. Taking action brings you closer but let’s not celebrate like millionaires when we are still net worth negative. 

Top tips on how to live your best life

Be positive, kind and honest to yourself and to others. Give twice as much as you receive. Furthermore, never expect others to pay you back with equal or more.

When you start your business don’t assume anyone will support you. Be of service to others and that will initially be your compensation. Treat everyone fairly and with respect not just the customers or the people which can support you or your business.   

Live a healthy life

I sometimes sound like a preacher and that has a lot to do with my life growing up in a very religious home. However, I´m not a preacher. Yet I feel certain activities in life should be avoided. For instance, heavy use of alcohol and drugs. In my opinion it clouds your mind and stops you from obtaining the highest level of success possible. 

Work smart

Working hard is important but working smart is better. I respect the individuals which work 80 hours per week. However, family, faith, life experiences and time has always been more important than money for me. To achieve my goals at time I would sacrifice life experiences.

Working smarter and investing in yourself and your business is fundamental. I never imagined owning a business which kept me away from my family. Fortunately I’ve been able to have success without losing my faith or family.

Quality time

I love spending time with my wife and kids at home watching Netflix, Disney plus and before covid going to the movies every Tuesday (discount Tuesday). On occasion we will go out to eat. We schedule Sundays as our eat out day.

Things we love to eat include; wings, tacos, pizza and sushi. We save money on those items by making them at home. Investing in home meals allows for more vacations and more life experiences vs eating fast food or junk food. When we travel we love to explore the local restaurants and food which we can only find in that place. 

You live your best life by being honest with yourself. And by believing in yourself. Working towards your goals and treating those around you fairly and honestly.   

Top tips on how to live your best life

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