Why You Need To Change Careers Immediately

why you need to change careers immediately

Why You Need To Change Careers Immediately

Why you need to change careers immediately? Do you wake up and immediately hate life? Does thinking about your career and current life situation make you angry? Do you hate your boss? Are you passionate about everything in your life minus your career? If you answer yes to any of the above questions it is time to change careers immediately.

You are not happy

Waking up should be a positive experience. My mother once told me, you should never go to bed angry and you should never wake up angry. Waking up with a smile should be a given. Positive energy and ready to tackle your day. However, if you are in a career which no longer brings you joy it is time to change careers.

You speak negatively of your career

When you no longer have anything positive to say about your career it is time to change careers. You should love your career – most of us dedicate at least 40 hours per week to our careers and that time is time we don’t spend with our friends or family. That time should be well spent. I have spent 20+ years in finance and accounting. I love what I do and I expect to do it for the rest of my life. Do you feel the same way about your career? If you do not have anything positive to say about your career that is a reason why you need to change careers immediately.

You daydream about another life

Trust me sometimes I get lost in my head imagining I’m somewhere else. usually a cruise ship. I love to plan family vacations. We take about 5 vacations per year. However, when I’m away from the office I’m still thinking about my clients and how I can best serve them. I love to read and study new programs and ideas to make their financial lives better.

Are you passionate about what you do? And are you constantly looking to improve? If you are you love your career and you are passionate about it. However, if you are not it’s time to find a new career immediately.

In your imagined life, what does that life look like? Are you happy in that life? Would that life bring you better sleep and better health? Have you taken any steps to achieve that life?

Start the journey to that new life today. Immediately start to develop the skills you need to have the career you always wanted. It’s possible the career you have was the career you grew up thinking you wanted. However, it isn’t what you hoped for or truly expected. Or that career has run it’s course. And you need a new career.

Are you working a job and don’t even have a career? You have to get one immediately. your career could be your own business or a career where you have a boss or bosses. Ideally you will be fulfilled and want to give your best in either situation.

Why you need to change careers immediately

Budget Build Buy believes everyone should live their best life. Living your best life has to include doing the things which bring you the most joy. We spend a minimum of 40 hours each week in our career. We can’t afford to be miserable or daydreaming about the grass being greener on the other side. We should be on that greener grass!

Stay connected with Budget Build Buy for more tips on how to live your best life. We share many resources which help our clients; budget for a better life, build credit, build income and build savings with the goal of buying a home in 12-24 months. Follow the journey, join the tribe and build generational wealth.

Why You Need To Change Careers Immediately

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