how to avoid scams

How to avoid scams

How to avoid scams in this world where all of our information floats around in a cloud. Scammers use different tactics to get victims to fall for their schemes. In some cases, they can be friendly, sympathetic and seem willing to help. In others, they use fear tactics to persuade a victim. Below we will describe common scams and how to avoid scams.

Claiming a prize scam

That one in a million prize from some contest you never signed up for is 100% a scam. Furthermore, if you already won this prize why do you need to send money via non traceable services like gift cards or mailing cash in an envelope. Don’t become a victim of this type of scam. Read on to learn more strategies on how to avoid scams.

Family member in jail needs money immediately scam

If your nephew or grandson calls you from the police station because he was arrested by the police and they want you to send them money to let him go, this is 100% a scam. When police arrest someone – no amount of cash paid to the officer or chief of police will release the person detained. Furthermore, bail or bond is set in a legal court house after the person arrested is charged and arraigned. Always consult with a lawyer or a local bail bonds services to spring a family member.

We hear of many older individuals falling victim to this scam. Especially when you haven’t spoke to this particular nephew or grandson in some time. The sad part is the victim is usually providing details to the scammers. For many scammers they make many calls before coming across the perfect mark or victim. Don’t fall for this scam.

Deposit money in your account for a job scam

Signing bonuses are common for executive jobs or high paying jobs. They are less common with minimum wage jobs. We hear many stories of clients receiving a job offer with the condition of sending money to the employer before they start. Please walk away from any employer requesting payment to start working.

Your account or network has been compromised scam

Many clients have been receiving calls from individuals acting like Apple or Google representatives. They call and claim that the clients network has been compromised or hacked. And the only way to remedy the situation is to allow these representatives to  remote in to the clients computer system. This scam opens the door to an endless amount of scams and financial ruin. Avoid any inbound calls requesting access to your server, laptop, ipad or corporate network.

National emergency scams

We are living through a global pandemic. However, chaos creates opportunities for scammers. Avoid sending relief or assistance to non accredited not for profits. Do your homework before donating to a gofundme or any online charity.

The scams we described are just the tip of the iceberg. Stay connected with us and learn all the ways to avoid scams. At Budget Build Buy we pride ourselves in helping clients avoid scams and recover any funds stolen from them.

How to avoid scams

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